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A credit card in front new doctor home loan	Oak Laurel of a keyboard Photograph: Julian Smith/AAP Tuesday 21 February 2017 19.34EST Last modified on Wednesday 22 February 2017 01.42EST The governor of the Reserve Bank says it is difficult to ignore the risk of rising household indebtedness in Australia, warning record-high household debt levels have started to affect spending. Dr Phil Lowe has said further increases in indebtedness could make household balance sheets more fragile, and if households soon decide they have borrowed too much, they may cut back consumption sharply, hurting the economy and employment. It is difficult to quantify this risk, but it is one that is difficult to ignore, he said. Australias historically low wages growth may also have bottomed, he said, though a pick-up in wages growth did not seem imminent. But Lowe said the ratio of household debt to income was at a record high at 189.6% and there were signs it was starting to affect spending. Households are carrying more debt than they have before and, at the same time, they are experiencing slower growth in their nominal incomes than they have for some decades, he said. For many, this is a sobering combination. Reflecting this, our latest forecasts were prepared on the basis that growth in consumption was unlikely to run ahead of growth in household income over the next couple of years. This interaction between consumption, saving and borrowing for housing is a significant issue. We are still learning how households respond to higher debt levels and lower nominal income growth, he said.

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